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Why Chromoly is Ideal for Lightweight Design

Many types of steel might be strong, but they don’t exactly make for lightweight products. However, many industry professionals consider chromoly to be the most viable alternative. Also known as AISI 4130, this exceptional product is a medium carbon, low alloy steel, ensuring it’s ideal for everything from aircraft components to lightning-fast road bikes. Chromoly […]

3 Benefits of Installing a High-Quality Roll Cage to Your Motorsports Vehicle

One of the most important safety features that you can add to your Motorsports vehicle is a roll cage. They are required by many racing organisations, and are also becoming increasingly popular as aftermarket safety upgrades for street cars. There are many benefits to installing a high-quality roll cage in your Motorsports vehicle, explored in […]

What Products are Made with Chromoly

Chromoly is a popular choice for metal products that need to be strong, durable and incredibly lightweight. This distinctly versatile low alloy steel is a well-regarded option because it offers manufacturers high-tensile strength alongside remarkable malleability. Although chromoly is a little heavier than aluminium and slightly less corrosion-resistant than stainless steel, its standout strength and […]

How Different Industries Utilise Aluminium Sheets

Aluminium sheets are created by processing raw aluminium through powerful rollers, flattening it into the thinner, extended sheets utilise across the world. In fact, these are widely used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aviation, packaging, and many other sectors. This is due to their versatility and durability, as well as their relatively low […]

The Sustainable Properties of Metals

As the environment and climate change remain a topic on everyone’s lips, it’s important to understand the sustainable properties that inherently exist in many commonly used metals. The wider metal industry is currently implementing a range of emission-reducing changes, such as using sustainable energy and relying on recycled materials, but some metals have fundamental qualities […]

Events For Aussie Modern Race Car Fans

Race cars have quite a large following here within Australia, with plenty of state-wide and nationwide races occurring throughout the country throughout the year. Whether it is Repco Supercars Championship, Australia Off Road Championship or the Moto GP, there are plenty to satisfy fans from every state. Unfortunately, the pandemic has created a whole list […]

Air Travel is Only Becoming Safer and Here’s Why

For decades, air travel was considered dangerous, worsened by many people’s distrust of the science, devastating terrorist activity, and misconceptions surrounding the statistics. With the advent of new technologies and new safety regulations, however, air travel continues to become safer than ever before. In this article, we explore how and why this trend will continue […]