5 Facts About Aluminium

It’s one of the most widely used metals for everything from domestic applications to commercial and industrial use. Here are 5 interesting facts you may not know about aluminium.

Fact 1: Aluminium is the most abundant metal on earth

Covering approximately 8.2% of the earth’s crust, aluminium is considered the most abundant metal on earth, which is one of the reasons for its affordability. It’s also one of the most easily recycled materials which means we’re unlikely to ever run out.

Fact 2: There are over 1700 aluminium alloys in existence

Aluminium has been combined with other materials such as silicone, zinc, iron and copper to improve its functionality and we now have over 1700 different aluminium alloys. The different types are classified through a numbers system with series going from 1000-7000. As an example, types 2024 with copper and 6061 with magnesium and silicone are often used in aircraft and aerospace structures.

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Fact 3: A single Boeing-747 aircraft contains 66,000kgs (147,000 pounds) of aluminium

Aluminium has been an essential metal in aircraft manufacturing since its earliest beginnings with the Wright brothers using this metal for their biplane’s engine. These days, with planes much larger it requires an astounding amount of metal for a single aircraft.

Fact 4: Aluminium weighs approximately one-third of what steel does

One of the reasons for aluminium’s popularity in manufacturing industries is that it weighs less than other metals. In applications such as flight and motorsports where lightweight materials are an advantage, it’s become the main material. Other benefits of aluminium include it’s rust-resistance and high heat-resistance.

Fact 5: Humans have been using aluminium for thousands of years

Dating back to Ancient Greek civilisations with their use of alum dye, this material has always been part of human history. In 1825, a process to extract aluminium from alum was devised. By 1886 we had refined and simplified this process to a version that is still frequently in use today.

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