Air Travel Predictions for 2020

At Airport Metals, we like to keep a keen eye on technological advancements in the aviation industry. As we approach the end of 2019, we reveal our predictions for 2020.

Bring in the robots

Checking in for your flight? In 2020 and beyond, you might not be greeted by a human face. Many airports have already implemented self-check in stations, but in the near future you may find robots handle your bookings, check in, and respond to any queries or complaints you have. This innovation is designed to minimise queues and allow people to move through security more efficiently.

The liquid issue will be a thing of the past

Consistently rated as one of the biggest pet peeves travellers must undergo, the strict process passengers must undergo to bring liquids aboard a plane can be frustrating and finicky. However, with new advances in CT scanners, there may no longer be a need to collate your liquids and present them for inspection.

This same technology may also mean removing belts and keys will become unnecessary – a huge development for airports in the US where this step is a vital requirement for any passenger intending to board a flight.

Futuristic security systems

Some airports are already implementing biometric security;face-recognition technology has been trialled and adopted in some airports across Narita, Athens,London, NYC, and some of the main cities in China. South Korea has also tested out palm-vein identification. The point of this type of security is to streamline the verification process; lines move quicker, and less manned security stations will be required.

The sky will get a little greener

With more and more pressure being put on our flying gas guzzlers, many airlines are considering greener alternatives for the fuel and materials they use. There is a distinct interest in developing lighter airframe components, rethinking aircraft design, and looking into more renewable energy sources is currently happening, but there are significant costs attached. 2020 may see the implementation of some of these innovations, but it’s certainly going to be a work-in-progress over many years.

At Airport Metals, we very interested in developing more sustainable materials and resources for aircraft. With a commitment to being on the cutting edge of invention, we’re keen to do our part in the pursuit of a greener aviation industry.

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