The Anatomy of a Successful Race Car

The Anatomy of a Successful Race Car

A race car is a complex piece of engineering, with many moving and working parts that must be of a high quality, well-maintained and sourced from a trusted provider in order to achieve the right outcomes. One of our sponsors, Monash Motorsport racing team, use Bralco Metals (Australia), and have fine-tuned their race car design through a culture of strong fundamental engineering understanding, state-of-the-art concept developments and a passion to perform at their highest level. The culmination of this approach and work has been nine victories out of the last ten Australian competitions, strong performances in the European competitions and, for a two-year stretch, a ranking of second in the world.


High quality materials to achieve results

They wouldn’t be able to achieve this without using quality steel in their race cars, to ensure the best performance and highest quality results. Monash Motorsport use chromoly tube supplied by Bralco Metals (Australia) for their steel tube wishbones. This is a crucial and important part of a race car, and is one of the foremost geometric factors that determines how a car looks, how it drives, where the rest of the parts can fit, and most importantly, determines its performance.

A chassis contains many of the suspension components of a car, including outboard parts such as the brakes, tyres, wheels, hubs, uprights, dampers, anti-roll bars and much more. These components must be affixed to the chassis as well as protected from the everyday wear and tear that comes with race car driving and racing. This could be anything from road surfaces to dynamic forces.

This is where wishbones are important.

A wishbone is the component that attaches suspension components to the chassis. It must be of high quality, so that’s why Monash Motorsport use 4130 Chromoly steel tube wishbone supplied by Bralco Metals (Australia). They are able to be designed and manufactured quickly and efficiently, so they can be installed in cars promptly.

The manufacturing process of the steel tube wishbones is crucial to its quality and performance. When steel is welded, the welded area forms a heat affected zone when it cools, and if not treated correctly, does not allow the welded area to expand and contract uniformly, which creates weaknesses. The wishbones made by Monash Motorsport are treated using stress relieving techniques, which results in the finished product of a strong wishbone part which exceeds the required bearing tolerances.


And that’s why wishbones made from our metal products are the best quality.