How to Build a Private Jet

What does it take to build a private jet? As well as making the effort to source only the best metals and materials to create the structure of the jet, designing the interior can be just as difficult. Airport Metals investigates the process of designing and building a private jet and how they differ from your standard commercial airline.

Built for the elite

There’s no argument that it’s usually only those who have attained elite life status who travel by private jet; members of royal families, celebrities and musicians, politicians, and wealthy businesspeople. For those with cash to splash and a status to uphold, a personalised private jet is a must-have. Whether you build new or buy second hand, there’s no denying the prestige that accompanies chartering your own plane.

More room for the rich

When you’re building a private jet, you’re catering for far fewer passengers than a commercial plane, so even though you’re working with a smaller craft, the space you have can be implemented into more luxurious designs. If you are involved in designing your own planes you can cater for your particular needs and interests. Need a private office so that you’re able to keep in touch with your business on the ground? How about a spacious bathroom with shower facilities to freshen up between cities? Most private jets are equipped with the most up-to-date facilities, such as food prep areas and superior sleep arrangements.

Designed to be your home in the sky

From plush pillows to the colour of the leather seats – a private jet contains all the creature comforts of a home. Many private jets boast well-stocked bars, seats that convert into comfortable couches, and even vases full of fresh seasonal flowers. And of course, no private jet would be complete without flat screen TVs mounted into the walls, right?

Want to buy your own private jet?

Fancy purchasing a private jet to get from A to B? If you’ve got a casual few million dollars laying around at home, you could have your very own personal air taxi. But if you do manage to find the funds to support it, you’ll be part of the private plane club that includes Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, and many other notable jetsetters.

Airport Metals is proud to supply materials that go into creating spectacular pieces of aeronautical artwork.