How Carbon Steel is Used Across Different Industries

At Airport Metals, we supply aviation and motorsports industries with top quality metals, composite panels and liners, and associated materials. The metals we supply include aluminium, chrome moly, titanium, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

Carbon steel is a metal alloy, comprised of a combination of iron and carbon. It is highly-popular with manufacturers from a range of industries due to ability to solidified and strengthened nature. Steel typically contains elements of carbon, therefore it is the percentage of carbon that determines whether it can be classified as carbon steel. The amount of carbon gives the steel a lower melting point, better heat distribution, and more durability and malleability.

In aviation

With a reputation for being a durable and tough metal, carbon steel is the ideal choice for the construction of aircrafts. Although it’s heavier than other metals historically used in aircrafts, such as aluminium, its heat handling capabilities means it less likely to warp or bend under express temperatures – particularly vital for planes. Carbon steel is often integrated into the landing gear as the section of the plane must be able to withstand incredible pressure upon take-off and landing.


Similar to aviation, carbon steel is a preferred material for motorsports vehicles due to its temperature withstanding capabilities. Steel is often used in the bodies of cars due to its malleability, able to be moulded into the chassis and body panels of vehicles. It can be poured into moulds in order to create other parts, such as the engine block, and is easily bonded together with welding techniques.


Carbon steel is in high demand for the construction industry, valued for both its hardness and strength. This is why is it often incorporated into the structural foundations of a wide variety structures. This includes framework beams for buildings, plates for highway development, and rectangular tubing for trailer beds and bridges. The steel used in buildings must be resistant to extreme weather patterns, especially in Australia; a single week might see extreme heat and extreme cold, rain, and wind.

Airport Metals has been recognised as one of the leading distributors of aircraft and motorsport materials in Oceania for more than 50 years. If you require carbon steel for your next project – be that for construction, aviation, or motorsports – get in touch with our team for a quote. We look forward to helping you bring your project to life with our high quality carbon steel.