Choosing the Best Materials for Your Aircraft

From the early days of wood and canvas, aircraft have rapidly evolved into the highly advanced machines we recognise today. Innovations in the aviation industry have led to the development of incredibly strong and lightweight metals that are instrumental in creating safer, more efficient aircraft. If you’re involved in the industry, it’s vital to have a working relationship with a reputable supplier of these materials. Aircraft Metals has been supplying the Australian aviation industry with high quality metals, and we’ve helped all of our clients choose the best materials for their aircrafts.

Know what you need

If you’re new to the industry, you might not be aware of the exact materials you require for constructing an aircraft, or the parts you need for replacements. Ensuring that you’ve researched your craft extensively will assist you greatly in placing orders for parts, but speaking to an industry expert can also help you narrow down what you need, be that a standard issue or custom order.

If you’re placing a custom order, having the correct measurements is imperative. When it comes to aircraft, millimetres can mean the difference between a craft staying in the air and it running into issues mid-flight.

Source a reputable supplier

Metals used in the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft must necessarily be strong and light and come from highly reliable sources. Since material stocked by us must be suitable, without compromise, for direct application on aircraft, it therefore comes only from the best mill sources and is supplied with test documentation to prove that it complies with the highest applicable standards.

Work with Airport Metals

Airport Metals supplies metals to aircraft manufacturers and operators across Australia, and some international clients. We are known for providing state-of-the-art materials to construct safe, advanced aircrafts.

We ensure that all of our products come with AS 9120-0050217 and ISO 9001–0050218 certifications of distributor of aircraft metals and cargo loading systems for narrow body aircraft. Suppliers of 2024, 6061, and 7075 aluminium, these products are available for purchase in sheet, plate, rod, bar, tube, and extrusions formats. We also stock bronze rods and welding wire for aerospace and industrial applications. Upon request we can also cut sheets and plates to size using our band saw or our guillotine services.

To make an enquiry about our products, or to start working with us, please get in touch on (03) 9310 5566 or submit a form online.