Why is Chrome Moly Tubing Used in Motorsport & Aircraft Manufacturing?

Chrome moly tubing is one of the most common metals being used in motorsports and aircraft manufacturing, but what makes it so popular? Airport Metals explain what chrome moly tubing is, it’s unique properties as a metal and why it is used so frequently for the motorsports and airline industries.

What is chrome moly?

Chrome moly or chromoly is a shortened version of chromium molybdenum steel. It is a type of steel alloy which is made by combining the previously mentioned alloys. It is a highly common metal for applications within the construction, energy, oil and gas, automotive and transport industries. Airport Metals supply high-quality 4130 chrome moly tubing to many industries within Australia. For more information on our metal ranges, including 4130 steel, read our product fact sheets.

The properties of chrome moly tubing

There are three main properties of chrome moly steel that make it a popular choice in many industries:

  1. Corrosion resistance
  2. Heat resistance
  3. Tensile strength

Each of these properties is beneficial to the durability of the steel however, the heat resistance is perhaps chromoly’s most unique characteristic. It can withstand temperatures over 500 degrees Celsius, an ideal property for use in both high performing motorsports vehicles and aircrafts.

Why is it used in motorsport and aircraft manufacturing?

Chromoly metal tubing is most often used in functions such as roll cages for race cars or fuselages for airplanes. It has a long history in both industries, being the preferred metal for airplanes since the 1920s and race cars since the 1950s. While all the above properties of chromoly are good reasons to choose this steel, it is the high strength to weight ratio that makes chromoly steel the best choice for motorsport and aircraft manufacturing. Limiting the weight of the metal is essential for the both the professional motorsport and aircraft industries as it allows their vehicles to perform better.

Leading suppliers to the motorsports and aircraft industries

Airport Metals have been Australia’s trusted chrome moly suppliers for almost 50 years. We supply a comprehensive range of metal tube sizes to suit various industrial applications. Learn more about our quality metal tubing products on site. For any questions or to place your order, call us on (03) 9310 5566 or submit your details online.

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