Why Flying Has Never Been Safer

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying that airline travel has never been safer or more affordable. The number of people flying across the globe has doubled since 1999, and the incidence of crashes and other issues has dropped dramatically. Whilst this results in more crowded layouts – and shared armrests – it has also increased the demand for airlines to constantly seek out the best materials to build their crafts with.

When airline companies invest in reliable and reputable suppliers of airline products, they’re showing their commitment to passenger and staff safety. In this blog, Airport Metals discusses why modern planes are deserving of your trust and why now is the perfect time to book yourself a seat.

The modern age of air travel

The comparison between driving and flying is cliché, but true – you’re far more likely to be entangled in a road snafu than an air one. Despite several high profile air crashes in recent years, these stories ignore the thousands of flights than reach their destinations safely every day. With engineers and aircraft designers improving their skills daily, more comprehensive flight plans and scheduling, and a better process for developing the materials that comprise a plane, flying in modern times is the safest it’s ever been – and it’s only improving.

Other ways to travel through the air

Planes still aren’t your style? Luckily, humans are desperate for the bird’s eye view, and we’ve invented a multitude of ways to soar amongst the clouds. Helicopters are vital tools for emergency rescue teams, or for short trips across cities. Blimps are more commonly used for advertising, and hot air balloons are more in sync with tourists and proposals than getting from A to B. But if cruising gentle above the treeline is your idea of flying, there are plenty of ways to get your fix without a boarding pass in sight.

Airport Metals helps build safer planes

For 50 years Airport Metals has supplied materials and supplies for aircrafts operated as a stocking distributor of aircraft and motorsport materials and supplies. From our Melbourne location, near Tullamarine Airport, we provide customised products that go into the formation of commercial and private planes. Using only the highest quality metals, composite panels and liners, and associated materials, we are a trusted name in the industry, both within Australia and internationally.

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