Get to Know Our General Manager, John Owens

At Airport Metals, we believe in putting a name to every face. Whether that means getting to know our largest clients, our newest employees or our local customers who are building their pride and joy on their weekends off. Today, we’d like to introduce you to our GM, John Owens.

Originally from New Zealand, but now a proud Australia citizen, John came to Airport Metals after gaining thirty years of sales and management experience in the plumbing industry, including time at Tradelink and at Plumbtec first in Brisbane and then in Melbourne.

Since being appointed our General Manager in 2016, John has reinvigorated and modernised Airport Metals. He’s brought in fresh ideas, a commitment to being involved with our clients and our community, as well as a much greater emphasis on our customer’s needs and a “hands on” approach to all aspects of our business.

There’s a reason why we’re the business we are today; John has uncompromising standards when it comes to customer service. He actively engages with our clients to understand their needs and encourages his whole team to do the same.

Find him at your local air & vehicle show

John is always friendly and available to our clients and believes in involving himself as much as possible in what everyone is doing, building or planning. He regularly attends Air & Vehicle events, including the Australian International Air Show at Avalon, the Sydney Air Show, the Geelong Revival Motoring Challenge, the Tuff Truck Challenge and the Gordon President Cup.

It’s not unusual to see his friendly face at local classic and custom car events, V8 Supercars and motorbike events. His interest in his clients and willingness to attend their shows and competitions has built a great rapport and enabled us to adjust our offerings to better suit our client’s needs.

Committed to the future

Not only is he thinking about our clients, but also the community and our future together. John organised for Airport Metals to sponsor many university racing teams in 2017, believing it was important to support and nurture young talent in the industry and gain an insight into their future product needs.

John is committed to ensuring our business uses current industry best practice in everything we do and has already overseen the revamping of our website, an audit of our OH&S procedures, the updating of all our staff contracts and the introduction of new product lines.

He is determined to position Airport Metals for greater success and to inspire and unite his team to go the extra mile for their clients. If you see him at a show feel free to say hello, he may shout you a coffee!!