Introducing Our New Sales Manager, Joanne Brown

Every successful company needs an enthusiastic, passionate and driven team behind them. From the CEO to the various employed teams, everyone plays their own role and brings their own spark, fresh perspective and ideas to the company. These factors from each individual should support the overall ethos and goals of the company, and work together as a unit to enhance and make the organisation stronger. At Bralco Metals (Australia), we’re proud of what each and every one of our team brings to the company and our clients, and that’s why we’re pleased to introduce our new Sales Manager, Joanne Brown. 

A Wealth of Experience

Joanne is committed to making meaningful connections and building rapport with our clients.

Joanne started at TAA (Trans Australia Airlines) in 1986, which later merged with Australia Airlines and then Qantas. After working there for 23 ½ years before she was made redundant in 2009 and climbing to the role of AOG desk as a senior analysis, Joanne went straight from Qantas to John Holland Aviation where she was employed on the Virgin Airlines Program. Five years later, John Holland Aviation closed down and Joanne moved on to HAAS Group International which was taken over by Wesco Aircraft. There she was involved in every aspect of the job from ordering, receipting, inspecting, quoting, invoicing, and more.

It was there John asked Joanne to join Airport Metals (Australia) after over 3 ½ years at Wesco.

Joanne says this about her role:

“My vision is to improve our mannerism to our customers and to grow this business with my contacts from all my previous jobs and to make this a more profitable company moving forward. I want our customers to recommend us to other customers from our professionalism and quick responses to their request and to be happy with our pricing and shipping of their goods to themselves.”

Helping You on the Way to Success

At Bralco Metals (Australia), we have existing connections with several award-winning motorsport companies, such as the Melbourne University Racing Team, and Monash Motorsports, both of which make use of our chrome moly tube in their engineering and design. We are keen to help more teams and organisations on their way to success and greatness, using quality products.

Joanne is excited to work closely with you to ascertain your needs and ensure you’re getting the most out of your manufacturing. Our people are willing to go above and beyond to help you make your engineering project the best it can be, and this is reflected in their attitude and enthusiasm. If you’re an engineering, aerospace or motorsport company seeking a reliable source for all your quality metals, there’s one company that stands out from the rest. Source your metals from Bralco Metals (Australia) today!