How Carbon Steel is Used Across Different Industries

At Airport Metals, we supply aviation and motorsports industries with top quality metals, composite panels and liners, and associated materials. The metals we supply include aluminium, chrome moly, titanium, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Carbon steel is a metal alloy, comprised of a combination of iron and carbon. It is highly-popular with manufacturers from a […]

The History of the Bathurst 1000

As one of Australia’s premier motorsport events, the Bathurst 1000 brings thousands of local and international revheads to the legendary Mount Panorama every year. With some of the best and most celebrated drivers making their way to the Mountain to take part in this globally celebrated race, it’s come a long way from its humble […]

Why Flying Has Never Been Safer

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying that airline travel has never been safer or more affordable. The number of people flying across the globe has doubled since 1999, and the incidence of crashes and other issues has dropped dramatically. Whilst this results in more crowded layouts – and shared […]