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Airport Metals (Australia) provide cold drawn seamless carbon steel (CDS) for the automotive, motorsports and even construction industry here in Australia. Our carbon steel can also be used in chassis building, framework, suspension frames, and more. Not only does the composition of carbon steel make it very much acceptable for use in numerous applications, it is also relatively cheaper than other comparable materials, making it an economical choice for our customers.

Types of Carbon Steel

Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Tubing

This type of tubing is produced by welding flat rolled steel, hence they often show a blue strip down one side of the tube where the welded section is. That said, the weld is known to be as strong or perhaps even stronger than the carbon steel tube itself. These are commonly used in the construction industry for creating structural columns and beams.

Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM)

Usually supplied in 1020 or 1026 steel grade, DOM is made from strip and ERW. The cold drawing proves may be done repeatedly to ensure the material reaches the planned outside diameter, inside diameter, or wall dimension. In doing so, the strength of the tube increases while the surface finish of the tubes improves. Generally considered to be more economical than the cold drawn seamless method.

Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS) Tubing

This form of carbon steel is made by piercing a hot rolled tube, causing the tube to increase its physical properties. This method provides more uniform outside diameter and inside diameter, giving it higher strength and tolerance. CDS tubing is generally favoured as an economical alternative that is resistant to corrosion and used widely for roll cage manufacturing, machine parts and framework construction.

Cold Drawn Welded (CDW) Tubes

A reliable and versatile form of steel tubing are CDW tubes. They are produced by cold forming a steel strip, ERW and then cold drawing to the final desired dimensions. Strengthened through the cold forming process, this type of carbon steel is lightweight and affordable, making them a great choice for machine parts including for general engineering and automotive components.

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