Events For Aussie Modern Race Car Fans

Race cars have quite a large following here within Australia, with plenty of state-wide and nationwide races occurring throughout the country throughout the year. Whether it is Repco Supercars Championship, Australia Off Road Championship or the Moto GP, there are plenty to satisfy fans from every state. Unfortunately, the pandemic has created a whole list of issues for the organisation of such large-scale events.

F1 Has Been Plagued With Delays In Melbourne

Having been initially moved from March to November for the year of 2021, the F1 race to be held in Albert Park, Victoria has been delayed yet again. With whole race teams travelling across borders for major modern car races like this, quarantine obligations are proving to be an issue for race teams and organisers alike. Not only will it be difficult to manage a full 23-race reason for the Australian Grand Prix, the movement of crowds and spectators will also pose a risk to everyone participating in the event.

Fans Can Still Attend Other Smaller Scale Races

Unfortunately, Melbourne’s F1 Grand Prix is not the only event to be impacted by the current pandemic. The upcoming Moto GP race in Phillip Island has also been cancelled for the second year in a row, but not all hope is lost for race car fans.

Supercars’ SuperNight races, Repco’s Bathurst 1000 and smaller state races are still scheduled to go ahead so fans can get their fix of fast acceleration and modern motorsport technology in action. While these races do not usually get as much global attention, they also have their own appeal and have their own global fanbase among motorsport communities. While these races may not held the same way compared to pre-pandemic times and fans may need to watch from their televisions, they are still interesting in their own way.

Look Forward To 2022 Races

Mebourne’s F1 Grand Prix has been postponed till April next year but as with many major sporting events around the world, nothing is always certain. Despite this, races like the F1 help with modern automobile technological advancements and so have a large impact on the future of the industry. Be it advancements in machine capability or in keeping race drivers safe. Without motorsport and their fans, there will be fewer incentives for car brands around the world to experiment with novel materials including more expensive quality metals and materials usually reserved for aerospace purposes.

So if you’re a modern race car fan, consider watching smaller-scale races around Australia this year and keep your fingers crossed for 2022.