What Products are Made with Chromoly

Chromoly is a popular choice for metal products that need to be strong, durable and incredibly lightweight. This distinctly versatile low alloy steel is a well-regarded option because it offers manufacturers high-tensile strength alongside remarkable malleability.

Although chromoly is a little heavier than aluminium and slightly less corrosion-resistant than stainless steel, its standout strength and performance mean it remains widely used in products that undergo significant stress.

To help you understand the immense benefits of chromoly steel, we’ve outlined just a small selection of impressive use cases that people rely upon virtually every day.

Aircraft landing gear

Considering the importance of landing gear to an aircraft, the metal these parts are made from must perform to the highest possible standards. Often referred to as “aircraft quality steel”, chromoly 4340 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel, making it ideal for parts that must withstand huge stress.

As you might expect, massive force is created when a passenger plane touches down on the runway. However, these components not only survive the landing, but also help the plane come to a complete stop. Fortunately, 4340 steel’s exceptional toughness ensures it lives up to the task, one landing after another.

Car parts

The chromoly 4130 series is often associated with the production of rough and tumble race cars. With this type of metal offering considerable strength and robust corrosion resistance, it’s commonly used to produce high-quality roll cages, tube chassis and flywheels.

Likewise, 8620 chromoly steel is also used to make components for cars. Featuring a tough core and high case hardness, it’s the perfect material for gears and crankshafts. However, you’ll also find 8620 used in aircraft, manufacturing machinery and medical instruments.

High-performance road bikes

While chromoly has enjoyed a long history in the aerospace and automotive industries, it’s increasingly associated with top-notch road bikes. With 4130 providing the ideal combination of strength and weight, cyclists can enjoy a fast yet durable frame.

As responsiveness and speed are two of the most important factors that go into building a bicycle with superior performance, chromoly 4130 has proven itself to be an outstanding option compared to many other commonly used metals.

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