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Airport Metals (Australia) is one of the nation’s leading providers of carbon steel roll cage tubing. From our Melbourne location, we are suppliers for a variety of manufacturers within the automotive, motorsports and construction industry. Roll cages are incredibly important safety features for the occupants of these vehicles, with reliable materials a necessity for proper engineering to construct a dependable, protective frame. The design is primarily to defend those within during a rollover, meaning the roll cage tubing needs to be incredibly durable for reliable application.

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Benefits of Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS) Roll Cage Tubing

A common product in the creation of carbon steel tubing used for roll cages is through cold drawn seamless (CDS) tubing. A hot rolled tube made from carbon steel is first pierced, leaving the tubing to increase in all physical properties. This is to create an even, neater interior and exterior diameter for the tubing, permitting a greater amount of strength and durability. Manufacturers typically prefer to source CDS roll cage tubing for their products as it is an economical option that proves highly resistant to corrosive elements, and can also be used in machine parts and framework construction.

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